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Clifford Prince King

Forget everything this world has always told you

about yourself and how you should express your love.

Burn the idea that you are not complete

in the firepit in your glistening chest.

Set yourself free in the meeting of our lips.

Lay your crown to rest on my calm, racing heart.

Feel the weight of us for a brief moment

and let your world crash completely into mine.

Imagine a world devoid of

denial and persecution as we touch heaven,

entangled still in one another.

Cocoa butter and the scent of perfection fill my room.

I can feel the air’s tender touch again.

I can see infinity from here.

Your eyes hold promise that words cannot describe.

I want nothing but to burn always

for you.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Running from him.

I’ve been running forever.

I don’t want to sit alone in my thoughts

for another worthless twenty-four hours

but everything else reveals

a part of me that should be buried.

Living vicariously through my future self

is the only way I won’t feel the sting of

a present that doesn't get better.

Every day I sink the weight of existing

in these recycled melodies

and loud, colourful memories,

waiting for some drastic change

to find its way to me.

They might be the only salvation

my soul will ever know.

Tired of running in crooked circles,

so I’ll sit and watch it burn.

Are you coming?

Photo by jurien huggins on Unsplash

He’s terrified of looking in the mirror when the garments are off because in it he’ll see a body he knows so well yet barely recognizes. A body that is mapped with flaws of all kinds. A body that no longer begs to bask in the light. A body that longs more than anything to be set free.

When his thirst for an unfiltered truth leads him to the dreaded oracle, his eyes travel along the unruly mass of skin with a tenderness that feels new. Hate had become an overstayed intruder. …

Unsplash: Khamkéo Vilaysing

I walk into a store and you look at me as if I am otherworldly, and then you pace back and forth as I scan the shelves, as if my very presence poses a threat to everyone in the room. I am a twenty-year-old university graduate who wants to buy some snacks for the night. I am not a thief, or an abuser, or a harmer, or an abductor. That you deem it necessary to keep me under surveillance upon my entry, indicates that I am one or all of those things. You believe in your heart that you are…

I met a boy

who was as kind as an early morning walk,

and was as comforting as the

gentle explosion of air that

washes over your tired face as you

sit, still, in a moving car.

His touch was profound

and his smell was reminiscent of

a certain home.

But one morning, he packed his bags

and sped out of the city.

His only goodbye

was the fleeting kiss we shared at a walkway,

late one night.

His eventual absence was always felt,

even in moments when

desire and ambition were louder than fate,

and the moon smiled back at us.

Thrust into the winds of time,

we let go of an elusive dream,

and each set out for better beginnings

and never-endings in a

fast cold world.

The only haunting difference between us

was that I

held on to the dream for much longer.

Clifford Prince King

Thoughts of him haunt you as you try, devotedly, to heal your wounds.

Yesterday, it was his angelic face and his forcefulness. Today, it’s his vibrance.

The guilt of separation, of giving up one thing for another, rattles doors that hold gruesome storms.

You should feel wrath when those thoughts intrude, not regret, and ill-placed fondness.

After all, he reduced your love for him and showed you the way out on multiple occasions.

He could not offer you tenderness even when it was clear that it was all you needed to ignite your healing.

Granted, he was home when you…

Juan Brenner

I bet you don’t know that I broke a little every time you uttered those razor-sharp words, every time you reached for your sword because you mistook my fragility for ego and lukewarmness.


If only we had not abandoned our innocence when the world spun wildly and crashed onto our feet. If only we had not turned our fear into monsters as we tried to bury them. If only you had looked beyond the gold-plated walls of your shiny kingdom.


Your eyes, dripping with discontent as you sat across from me, threatened my sanity. They traced my incompleteness…


Move past the noise.

Stop pacing around that clutter of wasted emotions.

Stop searching for meaning.

Stop trying to make it glisten.

Your body is tired of the bruises.

Your mind is exhausted.

Night after night, day after day,

You let them dictate your joy.

You open your heart, completely and without thought, to men who do not orbit around your sun,

And hate yourself when they become cold and refuse to stay.

You do not need them to see you.

You do not need them, to love you.

Pleasure does not always cancel out pain.

Joy will not…

Holding back words that do not yet exist

as my mind spins out of control

Frantically, I think:

I need to salvage this, and myself

I need to dismantle this barrier that stands in the way of freedom and perhaps resolution

but I am not ready to be fully undone

and neither are you

Is it better to be enslaved by beauty and hope or to spend borrowed time trying to give meaning to the unknown,

which was once euphoric but has now morphed into an inescapable noise

Delightfully, you are a perfect dose of peace but it seems that…


Constantly working towards mastery. I write to let go, and to amplify the many voices of the unseen.

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